Christopher "Mav" Maverick

Christopher Maverick is an artist, author and photographer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the writer (and colorist) for Cosmic Hellcat Adventures as well as the writer and artist on the various spin-off projects, Rodentech, Starfox Fire, TEDD:IJAµ and Rodentech. His comics are an eclectic mixture of satire, manga, science-fiction and super heroics, combined in with anthropomorphic animals and glamour photography of cosplay models portraying the characters from the books (Mav is also the official Cosmic Hellcats photographer).

While not working on comics, he has been employed as a software and graphic designer, since 1998. From 2003 to 2010 he also competed as am independent professional wrestler throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. He has recently given all of this up to return to grad school where he is currently working on a PhD in English, specializing in Comic Books as representations of culture & literature, while still continuing his own art and writing.

In 2006, Mav founded the Internet community 365 Days on the website The community challenges its members to take a photographic self-portrait once a day for a year as a means of self-exploration. In seven years, the community has grown to cult-like status and counts more than 21,000 members worldwide. His erotic and glamour photography can also be found at the website: He is currently in the process of relaunching his long dormant personal website, which contains photography, artwork, critiques on culture and whatever general nonsense fills his head. The Cosmic Hellcats webcomic as well as information on the print comics and other related projects can be found at