West Liberty University

 West Liberty University is located 12 miles north of Wheeling, WV and offers four-year Bachelor's degrees in Digital Media Design, Graphic Design, and Graphic Narrative. Digital Media Design is a multi-disciplinary degree combining aspects of art, communications, business, digital audio, and digital media. The Graphic Design degree prepares students for employment in the rapidly changing design field by nourishing their abilities and creativity to become visual explorers. 

 The curriculum gives students a foundation in traditional image making as well as digital technology. The Graphic Narrative major is the only program of its kind anywhere in the world and is designed specially around the field of Comics Studies. The Graphic Narrative major is for students interested in pursuing their passions for art, literature, and visual story-telling. For more information, please visit http:/westliberty.edu/cola/ and http://westliberty.edu/art/. Click here for information about WLU's annual design festival and competition, the "MAD Fest": http://westliberty.edu/madfest/