J.R. Mounts

 J.R. Mounts is an indie comics creator/writer/artist in Atlanta, Georgia for Scairy Tales Noir (spell scary with an "i" for the “not-so-scary-fairy-tales” to make clear these are humorous comics, not horror).
J.R. self- publishes the veggie crime parody, Fried Pickle Noir graphic novel series (think Sin City meets Veggie Tales) starring fried pickle detective, Q Cumbersome. He also has the all-ages comic strip Scairy Tales: the not so scary fairy tales (think Calvin & Hobbes meets Nightmare Before Christmas) about misfit kids who discover a monster town.

 New in 2017, STUCK IN MY HEAD, the first adult graphic novel/cd music project created, written drawn and performed by Mounts. Oliver Lyndt is a happily married man with a really crappy job. He used to daydream about being a rock star or superhero but these days, he only daydreams of killing his co-workers! Follow Oliver as her tries to find a way to be happy before losing all the good in his life. Successfully funded on Kickstarter within 3 hours, the comic and cd companion contain over 200 pages of art/story and 46 songs on two discs.
J.R. has made not only comic books out of his characters but musical cds, card games, coloring books and MORE! He promotes all his projects at various conventions everywhere… and beyond. Visit www.scairytalesnoir.com for more fun