Ghostbuster - WV Division

Ghostbusters - WV Division - - is a group of guys and gals from across the Mountain State who suit up for charities, including our two main ones we support - the Children's Home Society of WV and the American Heart Association.  We also visit kids in hospitals as well. 

We've been huge hits and featured attractions at ShockaCon (Charleston), TriCon (Huntington) and the upcoming WV Hot Dog Festival (Huntington) as well as been featured guests in the FestivAll Parade, Sophia WV Christmas Parade and the St. Albans Riverfest Parade.  We come fully equipped with proton packs, PKE meters, ghost traps and even inflatables of Slimer and 9' Stay Puft and a giant portrait of Vigo from Ghostbusters 2!  We even have a Slimer food toss game for kids