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The West Virginia Popular Culture and Comic Book Convention (also known as WVPopCon) is a convention spanning many of today’s most popular entertainment elements.  We are including Exhibitors, Creators, and Panels on the latest and greatest of Comics, Movies/TV, Toys, Anime, Manga, and Games.

Gaming is so big it desires a description of its own.  Games include Video Games (of old and new), Magic the Gathering and other Card Games, Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons and other Role Playing games.  Our goal is to pack the show with hundreds of exhibitors, creators, panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorites.

WVPopCon will bring the best of popular culture to West Virginia!  If you are into it, so are we!!!

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classic-plastics-toy-store Classic Plastics Toy Store Classic Plastics Toy Store specializes in vintage & new toys, video games, collectibles, and more! Locations in...
Written on 19/03/2012, 21:44 by admin
costume-contest   WVPopCon COSTUME CONTESTS!!! Kids Costume Saturday Saturday, Aug 25th Junior Contest (ages 12 and under) – Sign up BY 3:30pm at the booth of...
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gaming-eventsSaturday 11:00am - Panel Room Year Zero Intro to Tabletop – Presented by Let's Play Games WV Curious about tabletop gaming but don't know where to being?...
Written on 13/03/2012, 03:34 by admin
wv-tattoo-expo WV Tattoo Expo The sixth annual West Virginia Tattoo Expo is not only coming, but is the foremost event of its kind in the state of West Virginia!...
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geek-girl-brunch-ncwv Geek Girl Brunch NCWV  Are you a geek? Are you a girl over the age of 18? Do you like brunch? Do you like meeting other people who share your love of...
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nubzcosplay-cosplay Nubzcosplay (Cosplayer)  Nubzcosplay, a nerd with a nub from Morgantown, WV A self-taught artist, I’ve been cosplaying a few years now and keep...
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pike-street-studios Pike Street Studios  Pike Street Studios is the area's best tattoo and piercing shop.  Stop by 616 W Pike St Clarksburg, West Virginia or call (304)...

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