Gaming Guests

Andrew Carter (Let's Play All The Games and Habitat Against Humanity)

Andrew Carter is a local writer and creator, best known for his webcomic Habitat Against Humanity. HAH follows the adventures of a group of Morgantown residents trying to transition into real life while saving the world on a semi-regular basis. You can check it out at, and while you’re it feel free to bug him on twitter (@terwallace.

In his spare time, he also hosts several Team Trivia nights around Morgantown and  oh created Let's Play All The Games.  Let's Play All The Games is a Morgantown local Youtube channel showing you the best (and sometimes worst) in video games and tabletop gaming. Visit the channel for Let's Plays, walkthroughs and commentary!
Click the link: Lets Play All The Games.

Extra Life

WVU Medicine’s Extra Life Charity guild is a group of gamers that decided to make a difference in our state. Over the past 12 years, our state has raised over $370,000 for our local WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital through the Extra Life Charity! Our goal is to find more dedicated gamers from West Virginia to strengthen our numbers and make an even bigger impact! Whether you play video games, board games, Quidditch, or basketball, YOU are needed and YOU make a difference.  We are here to show the world that we, the gaming community, have a positive impact on our communities by doing what we already love doing and doing it for an amazing cause.  100% of every dollar raised stays local to the kids at WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital.


List of Current WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital Extra Lifers: