Creator Guests

Chad Cicconi (FEATURED)

Chad Cicconi is a comic book and sketch card artist living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since his debut in 2008, he has worked as a penciler, inker, and sometimes colorist and letter for various independent comic projects, including “Baby Boomers” from Orang Utan Comics and AAM Markosia, “Mercury & the Murd” from PKD media, “FRACTURE,” “GlobWorld,” and most recently the "NFL Rush Zone" from Action Lab Entertainment.

David Newbold

David Newbold is a comic book inker. Newbold's first work was in 2004, where he inked an issue of Marvel Comics series Marvel Age Fantastic Four.  Newbold later became publicly known for his brief tenure on the Marvel Comics' award-winning series, Runaways along with writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Adrian Alphona. Newbold also inked the Weapon X series. Newbold was born in Leesburg, Virginia in 1976, and was raised in Morgantown, West Virginia, graduating from Morgantown High School in 1994. He attended West Virginia University, and then enrolled in Joe Kubert's Art School in Dover, New Jersey, graduating in 1999. He currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife Tugba (née Ergat), daughter Defne and son Daren.

Spell Stitchers and Dream Weavers 

 Spell Stitchers and Dream Weavers 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We are a mother/daughter team who make dreamcatchers and crocheted items.l

Dirt Road Endeavors

 Dirt Road Endeavors on Facebook and Instagram

We make scroll saw wall art, clocks, signs, and hand turned pens. We will be selling lots of West Virginia and outdoor themed items along with comic and video game based wooden wall art.

Jason Lenox

Jason Lenox is an Illustrator who specializes in Penciling, India ink Rendering and Sequential Artwork.

Jason Lenox is an Illustrator who specializes in Penciling, India ink Rendering and Sequential Artwork.

His current project is the Sci-Fi Fantasy adventure graphic novel “Lords of the Cosmos”, the second issue is scheduled to come out in Summer 2018

Feisty Goblin Crafts

Destroying comic books in the name of upcycled coasters, plaques, keychains and more! All items handmade using real comic book pages and covers. I'm helping make your collection more valuable and making your house look better!

Megan Hatfield

The Pink Turtle Lady is run by Megan Hatfield.  She specializes in handmade perler bead sprites, magnets and buttons.  The perler bead sprites are all handmade from plastic fuse beads that are arranged to make a cool pattern or design.  The beads are then ironed so that they will melt together to hold the pattern in the 8-bit style design.

Andrew Carter (Let's Play All The Games and Habitat Against Humanity)

Andrew Carter is a local writer and creator, best known for his webcomic Habitat Against Humanity. HAH follows the adventures of a group of Morgantown residents trying to transition into real life while saving the world on a semi-regular basis. You can check it out at, and while you’re it feel free to bug him on twitter (@terwallace).

Larry Morgan

Fairmont resident, Larry Morgan is the writer of Electro-Magnetic Press’ two flagship titles The OMENS and the BELIEVER. In addition to writing, Larry also provides the interior art and covers for the BELIEVER. With his partner in Electromagnetic Press, Shane Moore, he co-wrights and co-Illustrates the Fairmont 5, a comic book about West Virginia’s own team of hometown Super Heroes.

Morgantown High School Art Department

Morgantown High School Art Department is ecstatic to partner with the 6th Annual West Virginia Popular Culture Convention & Comic Paradise Plus.  Last year was the fifth year of the event that attracted over 2,500 popular culture enthusiasts over the weekend.  The conference features many West Virginia and national artists, writers, producers, game designers, and film makers who have found their way into the comic book and entertainment industry. This event offers an outstanding opportunity for local young artists to explore possible future career opportunities.