Creator Guests

Morgantown Public Library System

The Morgantown Public Library System serves all of Monongalia County through the main library and 5 branch libraries. Main address is 373 Spruce Street
Morgantown, WV 26505. Phone: (304) 291-7425.

Kelsey Musgrave

 Kelsey Musgrave is the owner and operator of Multi-purpose Design. She graduated with a degree in Graphics Technology, but is also a classically trained artist.  Kelsey has experience in the creation of various logo’s and web sites and have completed various commissions.  Her preferred medium is pencil and ink and most of the items she offering include prints, bookmarks and buttons which feature this style as well as works of art in other mediums, crocheted hats and various crafts. Although formally trained, she has a passion for creating things from popular culture, animation, and other various mediums.


Vinyl- Includes Bags, Decals/ Stickers, magnets and décor made with vinyl!
Metal- This jewelry is all custom and personalized with your names/ dates/initials/ birthstones/ well... just whatever you can think of!
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 304 290-5627

Diabolical Whimsy

  Kendra Matott is a mixed media artist with a flare for the fantastic. In her unique style, she combines photography with hand-made paintings to create images of mythical characters in mystical atmospheres. She is fascinated by the tension between the comical and mysterious, the light and dark. It is this dichotomy that inspired the name of her art business, Diabolical Whimsy. In 2014, she self-published an art book entitled The Ringleader, featuring her Circus series. Kendra also offers customized fantasy portraits--visit her website, for more information

Trashmouth Press

 I'm a contemporary artist living and working in West Virginia.

Abi Kroll

 Abi Kroll is from Bethel Park, PA.  Like most artists, Abi has been creating art since an early age.  She was fortunate to be able to study under Dorian Ceavenger in his Fantasy Art class at Douglas Education Center.  With Dorian’s encouragement, Abi created a graphic novel based on one of her paintings.  With her mom as her business partner and story teller, Abi has created a unique series based upon 6 female angel skulls.  Abi has also enjoys doing digital art and many of her drawings will be available at her booth.

Backroad Sign Designs

 Upcycling and breathing new life into old pallets giving them new purpose.

Follow me on instagram @backroadsigndesigns

Tanya SM Kennedy

 Tanya is an avid book nerd who loves books so much that reading them wasn’t enough. She is now a self-published author enjoying the freedom of creativity. With pen in hand and a book under her arm, she weaves fantasy around herself like a comforting blanket, doling it out for others to partake of its warmth. Join her and Raivien in “The Terarch Rebellion” and the forthcoming “The Terarch Raivien”.

A-DORK-ABLE Bath Bombs

 A-DORK-ABLE Bath Bombs was created by two sisters that just wanted to make being a “geek “ fun and affordable.  They will have unique items like bath bombs (with fandom jewelry inside), pillows, jewelry, soaps, and much much more. Everything will be $5 or less.  Be sure to stop by their booth and check out their booth.

Andrew Carter (Let's Play All The Games and Habitat Against Humanity)

Andrew Carter is a local writer and creator, best known for his webcomic Habitat Against Humanity. HAH follows the adventures of a group of Morgantown residents trying to transition into real life while saving the world on a semi-regular basis. You can check it out at, and while you’re it feel free to bug him on twitter (@terwallace).

Something Wicked

Pop-culture themed candles, soaps, wax melts, quirky home decor, jewelry, wet specimens, and other oddities all handcrafted in West Virginia! Check us out on Etsy at!

Michelle Bowser

 Michelle Bowser grew up an only child in a haunted house, hidden in the middle of the woods and now does weird and fun things including, but not limited to, helping to make zombie movies like, My Uncle John is a Zombie, and pondering the absurdity of people’s behavior on paper. Watch out, she could be lurking anywhere, and she will make fun of anything.


 A little bit of color, a little bit of chaos, a whole lot of weight...weighted plushies that is. MLCreatives is a small business that focuses on creating weighted stuffed animals which are specifically designed for people with sensory and anxiety problems. See our pictures below or check out our Facebook page at

Bubble and Geek Candles & Scents

Purveyor of geeky candles, lip balm, fragrances, and other necessities! Check out my Etsy shop at!.

Candle, Roll-on Fragrance Oils, Lip Balms, Lip Tints, Foaming Hand Soap, Moisturizing Body Spray, Lip Scrubs, and Scented Wax Tart Melts

Spell Stitchers and Dream Weavers 

 Spell Stitchers and Dream Weavers 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We are a mother/daughter team who make dreamcatchers and crocheted items.l

C.O. Creations

 Hey! C.O. Creations is a small graphic design & art company based in West Virginia. Since the beginning of C.O. Creations it has grown into various forms of artwork. Artwork such as prints, posters, stickers, pins, pillows paintings & many other types of artwork made by myself & the whole team! -Corbin Owens(founder).

Dirt Road Endeavors

 Dirt Road Endeavors on Facebook and Instagram

We make scroll saw wall art, clocks, signs, and hand turned pens. We will be selling lots of West Virginia and outdoor themed items along with comic and video game based wooden wall art.

Morgantown High School Art Department

Morgantown High School Art Department is ecstatic to partner with the 6th Annual West Virginia Popular Culture Convention & Comic Paradise Plus.  Last year was the fifth year of the event that attracted over 2,500 popular culture enthusiasts over the weekend.  The conference features many West Virginia and national artists, writers, producers, game designers, and film makers who have found their way into the comic book and entertainment industry. This event offers an outstanding opportunity for local young artists to explore possible future career opportunities.

Hastings Quilts and Crafts

 Hastings Quilts and Crafts, LLC is a local West Virginia Veteran owned business specializing in one of a kind handmade crafts ranging from traditional to whimsical quilted items (normally fandom based).  We also create woodworked quilt hangers, racks and ladders as well as custom paracord items.  Let us know what we can make for you.  Everything is first come, first served.

The Cracked EG

The Cracked EG is a husband and wife team of artists, Gonzo and Erica Campbell-Stillings, who create works of art using mostly recycled materials.

Kelci Crawford

 Kelci Crawford is a comic artist and illustrator making all-ages stories with LGBTQ protagonists (and sometimes magic). These stories include Johnson & Sir, Charlie & Clow, The Case of the Wendigo, and Thoughtful Dinosaur. Kelci also makes the webcomic Validation in collaboration with Christian Beranek. When not making comics, Kelci plays tabletop games and dances even when people are watching.

Christopher Lee Baird

Christopher is the author of a 5 book series called The Chronicles of the Raven Clan.

The Enduring Light - The Chronicles Of the Raven Clan
Lee Christian is busy preparing for his senior year of high school—what he hopes to make the best year yet—when suddenly he falls asleep, waking in an unknown land. He soon discovers that what seems like a crazy dream is all too real. Against his will, he's been pulled from life as he knows it and thrown into an alternate dimension.

Luna Kora Designs

 Luna Kora Designs displays the creations of 20-year-old, Cheyenne Coffman. Her artwork features fan art of anime, video games, T.V. shows, movies, and original pieces. Cheyenne has been working as a freelance artist for going on two years and decided to leap into the world of conventions. She offers 8.5” x 11” and 4” x 6” prints, stickers, and buttons of her work. Along with her merchandise, she creates pre-orders that you can find on her Facebook and Instagram as well as private commissions.

Retro Steam Studios

 Retro Steam Studios specializes in retro sci-fi, steam punk, vintage, oddities, and one-of-a kind collectible items.

Head On A Stick Productions

 Head On A Stick Productions is a small entertainment company dedicated to low-budget and high concept horror entertainment. With three films and numerous comics under our belts, stop by and see the best indie horror has to offer..

Minotaur's Magical Wands

 I started making wands  for friends, anonymously, leaving them on their doorsteps with a note saying "you're a wizard". They loved it and eventually I came clean as the wand maker. My name is Rachel Minotaur and I make magic wands.

Jason Lenox

Jason Lenox is an Illustrator who specializes in Penciling, India ink Rendering and Sequential Artwork.

Jason Lenox is an Illustrator who specializes in Penciling, India ink Rendering and Sequential Artwork.

His current project is the Sci-Fi Fantasy adventure graphic novel “Lords of the Cosmos”, the second issue is scheduled to come out in Summer 2018

Feisty Goblin Crafts

Destroying comic books in the name of upcycled coasters, plaques, keychains and more! All items handmade using real comic book pages and covers. I'm helping make your collection more valuable and making your house look better!

Implexity Designs

Implexity Designs is a one-woman geek fabric/cosplay/clothing business powered by Debi Lewis, a creative conquer-from-home Appalachian ninja mom. See samples of available designs & place custom orders at the booth or online.

Medi's Magic Art

 Medi’s Magic Art features the digital artwork of 18 year old Sarah Grace Welsh. Sarah’s digital watercolors are created using multiple layers of actual watercolor and paint samples, textures, and other objects, along with the line drawings. Her work is a combination of original characters, fan art, and other creative mash-ups..

Amber Kantes

 My name is Amber Kantes, and I am the owner of the etsy shop Burrito Princess ( I specialize in pixel art created by Perler Beads, in which I can bring the graphics from your favorite retro video game come to life, or give your favorite modern characters a retro twist. I can make anything from keychains, earrings, and magnets to custom couples picture frames and wedding cake toppers.


 SteamBotics is an all-girl VEX Robotics team at Westwood Middle School in Morgantown, West Virginia.  We have been inspired by the Steampunk culture of innovation, individualism and power. One of our goals is to bring more females into the male-dominated field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Just as the steam-powered era of the Industrial Revolution brought a surge of women into the new mechanized workforce, we seek to bring girls into today’s fields of robotics and engineering.

Jason Pell

Jason Pell is a West Virginia based indie comic book writer/creator. Known for his inventive writing, he also has racked up credits as a letterer, colorist and more.  He’s done stories for anthologies, one-shots, mini-series and graphic novels.  Most recently, Pell is peddling an original graphic novella for mature readers, titled Suicide 5.  Suicide 5 is dynamically illustrated by Ryan Howe and examines the depths of mystery and murder that five adults will put themselves through for the sake of ambitious faith.  Prior to that Pell launched his first crowd-sourcing campaign, for his Season’s End graphic novel.

Bret Dusic

 Bret Dusic is Mr. Cat of the Cat In Black Art. This Cheshire Saucerian is inspired by Steampunk and fantasy. His masterful craftworks reflect the life of an Appalachian Neo-Victorian Man In Black. With over 30 years of experience, The Cat In Black Art offers a variety of unique creations, from Japanese-style cat prints, to his steampunk-style critter sculptures, one of a kind accessories, and the treasure seeker’s signature jewelry collection. Mr. Cat is also a proud sponsor of Vandalia-Con.

Paul Michaels

Paul is currently working as a freelance traditional artist, mainly doing pencil portraits. His upcoming projects include two comic books "Spooky Abigal" and "The Rise of Redmoon". Paul's work has also been featured as an affiliated artist by Artisan Direct, LTD, in "The Artist Showcase" Magazine. You can see his work online at or

Bryan Seaton (FEATURED)

Bryan Seaton is the writer of new ongoing series Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir comic.  Bryan is also the co-creator, co-writer, and editor of Dollface and Danger Doll Squad. He’s served as a Production Manager, Editor, Designer and Publisher for Action Lab Entertainment.

He currently works as the CEO and Publisher of Action Lab Entertainment making the best comics on the market.

Larry Morgan

Fairmont resident, Larry Morgan is the writer of Electro-Magnetic Press’ two flagship titles The OMENS and the BELIEVER. In addition to writing, Larry also provides the interior art and covers for the BELIEVER. With his partner in Electromagnetic Press, Shane Moore, he co-wrights and co-Illustrates the Fairmont 5, a comic book about West Virginia’s own team of hometown Super Heroes.

Brian Middleton

 See the picture next to this bio?  Brian Middleton drew it, then he painted it.  That's what he does.  "Tell us more," you say?  I will.  He also writes and illustrates the comic Wander for Colesmith Comics and Press.  He has superhero and pop culture prints and does sweet, sweet painted commissions right before your eyes.  He's also smart and funny, and probably handsome too.  Please, go to his table and judge for yourself!

Gary Morgan

 Gary Morgan is freelance artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. Comic books, fantasy and horror genres are his main concentrations, but he appreciates most forms of creativity. Gary’s work has been published in books for Abington Press. He tries to attend as many comic conventions as life permits. Gary can be contacted at or on the “Art of Gary Morgan” page on Facebook.